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DAOTOOL101 #4: POAPathon for POAP Design and More
March 3rd, 2022

Author: erixink (Twitter: @erixink_)

Editor: 0xAA (Twitter: @0xAA_Science)

What is POAPathon?

With the advent of the phenomenon that is P.O.A.P. (Proof Of Attendance Protocol) spreading rapidly through the Web3 space, in September 2021 a need was identified in the POAP ecosystem. The need for artists & designers at the ready to produce quality POAPs at the ready. The idea for a design contest seemed an obvious answer. POAPathon was born. Initially soft-launching for NFT.NYC quickly grew & more  contests were sponsored & added. A year-round, design production service was what emerged. POAPathon has grown to include logo, NFTs, & most recently POGs on ETH Denver 2022. The process has been adjusted, refined, streamlined, but is relatively the same for all products. Need a POAP? After a little info & a bounty offer, you will have several artists competing for your design.

Features of POAPathon

  • Support to help submit & achieve the perfect product.
  • Multiple Artists compete to provide a wide choice of design options.
  • Technically skilled in the NFT/POAP/Web3 space
  • Large Sponsored Events

How to use POAPathon

Submit Bounties

Start at the POAPathon website. Click the ‘Request A Design’ button & fill out design requirements. Navigate to the POAPathon Discord to Confirm bounty & details. When the submission time is overcome back & choose the winning design. Pay the winning artist(s) in USDC/MAI on Polygon.

Artist Submitting Designs

Artists who want to participate should first join discord: Navigate to the ‘Bounties’ section to view open bounties. Create your design in the standard 500x500px PNG/gPNG format (unless otherwise noted). Post on the appropriate bounty channel. Check back at the end of the bounty to see if your design won. If so, make sure your wallet address gets submitted for payment.


Though started as a singular design competition event, POAPathon has grown to fill a need in the POAP ecosystem. As POAPs spread & find new users POAPathon likely will adapt & grow. Always finding new ways to bridge sponsors & designers

Visit to start a bounty today.

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