DAOTOOL101 #2: sesh - discord calendar bot
January 5th, 2022

Author: 0xAA (@0xAA_Science)

What is sesh bot

sesh is the best calendar and event bot for Discord. It has been adopted by many DAOs and projects, including CityDAO, POAP, Aragon, and recently PeopleDAO.

Key features of sesh

  1. smooth event creation: sample creation command “!create test event at 9pm”.
  2. automatic timezone management.
  3. mention specific roles or users.

How to use sesh

Add sesh to your server

Go to sesh official website: https://sesh.fyi/

Click “Add to Discord”, select server, and Continue.

Enter discord app, you will get DM from sesh:

Create event

Go to your server, and create a calendar channel that allows sesh to send messages.Type “!create test event at 9pm” and see the event created as magic.

Click “tick” to attend an event.

Edit event

To edit event, click “book“ emoji and sesh bot will DM you. You can process by clicking the DM message, which will redirect you to a new page. Then youenter contents, start time, publish channel, duration of the event, and which role/user to mention. After everything is filled, click edit event. The event is successfully edited and will be updated in discord server.


sesh is a easy-to-use discord bot to manage event calender, and is adopted by various DAOs.

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