For The People NFT: Icons of the Bull Market

A bear market is the hangover to the bull market’s party. You wake up in the morning thinking, wait…I bought WHAT!? I got in a tweet fight? Vitalik wore a bear costume? Blinking over breakfast and laughing about the drama, the legends, sitting across from true friends you’ve made along the way.

For The People NFT collection is a pile of polaroids from the night before. Builders, artists, dreamers, pioneers, cartoons––all of them together encapsulating the zeitgeist from 2021/2022. Some remain fixtures of the industry. Some have drifted away from web3. Others stole billions from retail investors and so we had to cut them from the NFT collection. TIMES CHANGE

Hand drawn by the talented Daniel Sheldon, we hope this art brings you joy as you press the button to mint a longtime idol. We hope the portraits and personalities cause you to reflect on how far the industry has come, but also how every bear market is a spark away from returning to the bull. Features include:

  • St. Jude – OG cypherpunk.

  • Snoop Dogg – Early adopter who helped bring NFTs culturally mainstream.

  • Laura Shin – A leading voice for crypto news and storytelling.

  • Elon Musk – Martian.

  • Hayden Adams – Developer of the most successful decentralized exchange of all time.

If you’re reading this then you probably believe blockchains will reshape financial and social systems across the planet. Which among the faces in this cast of 48 characters will kids read about in history books? Let’s find out.

Collection Specifications:

  • 1776 NFT pieces

  • 48 featured icons

  • Colored backgrounds; parchment and glitching

  • Bull market energy

  • Forever

ABOUT THE CREATORS – PeopleDAO is a grassroots spinoff of ConstitutionDAO, who at the height of the bull market in Fall 2021 raised $46 million dollars to buy a Constitution. The event popularized DAOs. PeopleDAO has kept a nonprofit mission since inception and we help contributors from across the world realize the dream of making a living in web3 (See: Journey Owaa and Language DAO). You may have learned about us when our treasury got exploited. Yup, that really happened.

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