PeopleDAO Season 1 Budget Proposal
March 16th, 2022

Author: Matter (@MatterTurbulent), 0xAA (@0xAA_Science)


Earlier this year PeopleDAO established its treasury. Graciously, the community provided the DAO its seed funding in the form of donations. Season 1 will last from now until the final day of June. The multisig team has drafted a budget for Season 1, in collaboration with all DAO team leads, incorporating conversation from weekly Twitter Spaces. The Google Sheet breaking down expenditures has been fully transparent and posted in the treasury Discord channel since its beginning. The multisig team hopes the community will vote Yes in the corresponding Snapshot to approve the budget. This article summarizes major themes in the budget, informing voters.

Season 1 Budget Summary by Team.
Season 1 Budget Summary by Team.

The Major Themes of the Season 1 PeopleDAO Budget

1. High-Growth Spending

The budget proposes spending close to 80% of the PeopleDAO treasury. The remainder of the treasury is earmarked as “discretionary funds,” and therefore also available for use. PeopleDAO is currently in a high-growth phase and a large investment upfront is necessary to cement core processes, develop key products, and increase the DAO’s reputation in the ecosystem. Additionally, due to the success of Y4000’s Constitution Fractionalized NFT project which raised over $10,000 worth of ETH for the DAO, the multisig team is confident our upcoming NFT projects will replenish the treasury for future seasons. 

Total Season 1 Expenditure ~ 2,500,000 $PEOPLE.

2. Cementing Core Processes

In order for our DAO to succeed and make a high social impact we must first become a healthy organization, implementing a system for incentivizing and coordinating labor. For example, each month, the budget allocates funding to Coordinape circles, 85,000 $PEOPLE for all active members and 30,000 for mods. This budget item will ensure our members are enticed to contribute, and our moderators are incentivized to make our main communication platform, Discord, tidy and civil. These processes unlock growth.

Total General Expenditure = 574,000 $PEOPLE

3. Developing Key Products

The mission bringing us all together is a shared interest in advancing web3 and social good. The DAO has identified the metaDAO model as the framework for accomplishing our mission: we will incubate subDAO who seek to better the world in more specific niches. Thus we are allocating 200,000 $PEOPLE token to our Development Team to create our Incubator Launchpad. The Launchpad will serve the dual function of enabling speculators to invest in promising public goods, while also giving new projects the means to raise capital. We have allocated an additional 150,000 to community-based dev projects, in recognition we house many talented developers who hold the potential to bring value to PeopleDAO and web3 at large. 

Total Dev Team Expenditures = 530,000 $PEOPLE

4. Discretionary Reserves

The world moves fast, especially web3 because of how much capital and talent is flowing into the space. We cannot fully estimate the future, including over the duration of a couple of months. Many old-world LLCs keep a portion of their budget on hand in case of sudden opportunities or emergencies. Similarly, PeopleDAO is reserving approximately 15% of its budget for discretionary purposes, allowing our DAO to remain nimble. 

Total Discretionary Expenditure = 375,000 $PEOPLE

5. Increase PeopleDAO Reputation

Web3 is a dynamic space with everyone clamoring for market share and clout. The last major allocation for the budget goes to the Marketing Team, allowing our DAO to cut through the noise and increase awareness of our services and story. The funding will also support promoting $PEOPLE token the asset. We have allocated 80,000 $PEOPLE to continually operate our Twitter account which has over 20k followers, and 30,000 $PEOPLE has been set aside to prepare for and speak at AMAs. But the largest portion of the Marketing Team budget, 350,000 $PEOPLE, will fund building partnerships and sponsoring the initiatives of other DAOs and projects. Doing so will increase our reputation in web3 and bring new opportunities to our community members, such as the past Cryptogs Reborn mints.  

Total Marketing Team Expenditures = 470,000 $PEOPLE


While the points raised above constitute the major themes and expenditures of the PeopleDAO Season 1 budget, they are not exhaustive. You may view the full budget in detail here. We hope this information prepares you sufficiently to vote in the Snapshot to either approve or reject the Season 1 budget. 

Thank You, 

The PeopleDAO Multisig Keyholders

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